How can you Energy Proof Your Organisation ...against future legislation?
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Reduce energy costs,

increase profits.


    · Lower direct and indirect energy costs
          - know what you use and where

    · Manage compliance
- reduce risk from Government legislation

    · Reduce impact on the environment
        - lower carbon emissions and improve your CSR

Now is the time to act - energy efficiency pays for itself by ultimately cutting carbon emissions, boosting profitability and simultaneously ensuring legislative compliance.



Invest in an Energy Management System


    · Measure

        - capture real time energy data 

    · Report
        - analyse where energy consumption is being wasted

    · Engage
        - increase staff engagement in energy efficiency


Understand your data - digitalenergy’s software monitors energy use by capturing data from both main and sub-metering systems before it’s translated into understandable graphics




Make everyone an Energy Manager


    · Specialists
        - energy, facilities and operations managers

    · Operations
        - occupancy, retail, production operatives

    · Finance
        - everyone involved in cost management


Engage everyone - Energy efficiency is aresponsibility for everyone and with the digitalenergy platform anyone can become engaged in Energy Management.

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