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A common perception of Energy Consultancies is that of an organisation dedicated to assisting clients in the procurement of the best utility rates from energy wholesalers/suppliers.

But the truth is that in the todays complex energy market, Energy Consultants offer a far more comprehensive range of services than they may have done in the past. They consist of experts from every area of the industry and are under increasing pressure to help clients do more to reduce energy consumption.

The energy market in the 21st century is a minefield of legislation and compliance schemes, many of which overlap, causing confusion and uncertainty amongst business leaders. You might ask, are we captured by CRC or ESOS?, do we need DEC’s or EPC’s?, should we attain ISO50001?, and the list goes on.

Streamline Data Management for Added Service Value

Leading UK Energy Consultancy (The Energy Desk) required a solution for their business processes in order to streamline the management of customer data and therefore provide their clients with added service value.

Following extensive evaluation of a variety of energy management software systems, The Energy Desk selected the digitalenergy consultant edition as it’s preferred platform. Ian Edwards (Managing Director) says;

“Working with the team at digitalenergy has extended our reach within the energy market. Our ability to add significant value to our procurement customers by offering the total package is critical to our growth.”

Integrate multi source utility management

Self service of information is an expectation of all clients and with the technology available within digitalenergy consultants edition, information from multiple sources for multiple utilities can be combined with simple presentation.

digitalenergy consultants edition provides detailed, easy to understand reports on current and historical data. Fully featured solutions for Bill Validation and Monitoring and Targeting make this the perfect "end to end" energy management software solution for Energy Consultants.

Branded solutions for increased levels of service

An increasing requirements for Energy Consultants is for brand recognition. With this in mind the digitalenergy consultants edition includes the ability to have a custom designed log in portal and customised branding.

The digitalenergy’s custom branding functionality allows you to change the colour scheme used around your account, and upload your own company banner to completely personalise your digitalenergy consultants edition account


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