Increase Energy Efficiency with Mobile Meter Reading
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Utility meter reading is an essential function within an energy management software system. However the means by which meter readings are captured and imported into the software can vary.

If you rely on a manual reading method for your utility meters, you can appreciate how time consuming the exercise can be.

Perhaps you have meters that are difficult to access or have found that manual meter reading has proved inaccurate, maybe through ineligible transcripts or perhaps you lost the records on the way back to the office or the readings were simply recorded incorrectly.

Eliminate the chance of manual errors

The digitalenergy mobile meter reading application has been developed to give users the opportunity to enter a meter reading directly into the digitalenergy system, therefore eliminating the need for manual input and reducing the possibility of errors or omissions.

Meter reading can be performed quickly and reliably whilst on site and is especially effective for large estates, portfolios, campus sites and multi-tenanted buildings. The addition of the mobile meter reading app to their digitalenergy system has proved invaluable for Keele University;

“With rising energy costs and an ever growing estate proactive energy management is a necessity for our University.

The addition of the digitalenergy mobile reading application has significantly helped us to manage our meter reading programme. The easy to use application interface enables us to upload our utility meter readings directly to our digitalenergy system from anywhere on site.” (Energy Manager, Keele University)

How does the digitalenergy mobile application work?

The digitalenergy mobile application is used to enter meter reading data onto a meter in the digitalenergy system and can be uploaded whenever the device can connect to a mobile or internet connection.

To communicate with a server for uploading purposes the user simply registers their credentials on their particular device.

Readings can still be taken without valid credentials, or if the time-out period has occurred. These readings will be stored in the queue awaiting the user to login.



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