Implement Energy Software Brand Alignment for Increased Stakeholder Engagement
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At the heart of a great business is a strong brand, successfully implementing brand values not only elevates the company, introducing strength to their products but also a sense of identity to employees. Its no surprise that the strongest brands are often reported as great companies to work for in surveys like the Sunday Times best 25 big companies to work for

On of the most simple and effective elements of the brand identity is colour, this is why at digitalenergy we have been trialling the addition of small elements of a users recognisable workplace to our system deployments - namely colour scheme. 

Through a simple interface built into our professional and consultant edition of digitalenergy the subscribingClient Energy Software Branding company can change the colour pallet of key visual areas of the system. For service providers this means simply that your software portal can be offered with an extension of your company identity, extending your credibility with software.

The results for end user system subscribers is increased adoption and ownership by presenting a more familiar and thus comfortable visual environment, an example is shown below.  

A simple but effective way of increasing stakeholder engagement. The example screens shown are from the system used by Warburtons.

 If you would like to know more about the features available in digitalenergy you can get in touch via LinkedIn or via our website or feel free to twitter @digitalenergyuk or myself at @hipkiss_energy 

Date for your diary too - 13th/14th September come meet the team at The Energy Event, stand B09.  Hope to see you there.

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