Why completing your ESOS journey makes sound business sense
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Are you one of the 6000+ organisations who successfully negotiated the lengthy process required to satisfy compliance to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

Did you breathe a huge sigh of relief when it was all over and then file away your ESOS audit until 2019, maybe due to lack of finance, resources or time?

Or did you really grasp the fact that ESOS was a genuine opportunity to generate substantial savings on your energy consumption and costs?

So if you were presented with convincing evidence that the energy savings measures highlighted by your ESOS audit would help you reduce energy consumption and costs and increase your profits, would you still delay taking action?

Measure, Monitor and Analyse your Data to Unlock Savings

Although changes to the energy landscape between now and the next deadline in 2019 are inevitable, ESOS is still viewed as being the key framework for future energy compliance schemes.

The next step would be to implement measures to unlock the potential savings that were identified in your ESOS audit.

However you might be thinking that there is too much data to analyse....you need additional help to achieve your objectives.

At digitalenergy we have the energy management software framework that enabled in excess of 100 organisations to successfully comply with ESOS and in every instance the software identified ways of unlocking substantial savings.

digitalenergy professional energy management software provides comprehensive data management tools to improve organisational energy performance and enables building owners and occupiers to comply with current and future energy and carbon related legislation. digitalenergy professional is also recognised as one of the leading global energy management software platforms by Verdantix.

The True Scope of Savings from ESOS

Feedback from the Carbon Trust illustrates the true scope of the scheme, and why implementation remains absolutely key.

Energy consultant David Tobin said “Analysis of a sample of the ESOS assessments undertaken by the Carbon Trust shows an average energy spend of around £1.8 million. “The average reduction achievable through cost-effective measures was around 20%, which for business with an energy spend of £1.8 million would translate into savings of £360,000”

However, the Carbon Trust has suggested that the actual savings achieved on the back of the scheme could be far higher.

These figures make a compelling business case that most finance directors should sit up and take serious notice of.

Get Ahead and Act Now

One thing that is almost certain to happen is that there will be changes to the energy landscape between now and the next deadline in 2019, even more so with the UK exit from the EU.

So the message is clear……Don’t wait for a simplified energy and carbon tax reporting framework to be introduced, act now and carry on with your ESOS journey.

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