Increase Internal Awareness for Greater Energy Reductions
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Energy management and energy and carbon consumption reductions are a constant challenge, particularly in resource stretched organisations in both the private and public sector.

Quite often organisations are required to compile and document a business case prior to implementing energy reduction projects in order to achieve financial savings or to ease the burden of energy legislative compliance.

This can quite often be hampered by burdensome administration, especially when confronted with masses of data from meter readings, historical data or supplier billing, all of which will require processing before actual energy reduction analysis begins.

Increase internal awareness through Data Integration

To increase internal awareness and provide the means to achieve energy reduction analysis, the first requirement is to bring together information from various sources into an integrated format that can be understood by users of all levels of proficiency and experience.

This was the dilemma facing Flintshire County Council.

As an extremely forward thinking local authority, Flintshire County Council needed to increase the level of transparency around energy usage and encourage behavioural change across the organisation in order meet it’s legislative energy emission targets.

They achieved this in 2011, when, upon implementation of the  digitalenergy energy management software system they were able increase the level of transparency around energy usage and encourage behavioural change across the organisation. 

Will Pearce, Energy Manager at the council says “Working with digitalenergy has enabled us to focus our attention on engagement of energy users to drive reduction and not the administration of essential data.”

digitalenergy energy management provides cloud based availability of energy consumption, cost and carbon data on demand through simple interfaces to your customers. Reductions in administration time required for management of energy, cost and carbon data and reporting are achieved as well as mitigating risks associated with compliance due to accessibility of information and structure.

Flexible data visualisation is available to a variety of staff on demand via on screen reports, dashboards and easy to understand web pages.


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