Give Your Energy Management a Boost with Advanced Analytics
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Modern day Energy Management professionals face a daunting challenge when confronted with the responsibility of reducing business energy consumption.

One popular but increasingly outdated option is to install a Building Management System (BMS), which are designed to provide control and monitoring of a building’s key mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting and power systems.

However the fact remains that the key to successful energy efficiency rests with management of energy consumption data and in the analysis of where and how it’s being wasted – it doesn’t matter how much you spend on technology, without management your investments will be wasted.

So how can you give yourself a boost in order to acheive meaningful reductions in energy and carbon cost and consumption?.

Boost Efficiency with Analytics
One of the most important requirements for any business attempting to reduce energy cost and consumption is for energy consumption information to be presented as a meaningful metric. Business’s generate significant amounts of data but very often lack the means to evaluate the data.

With digitalenergy’s secure cloud based energy management software applications, you can arm yourself with all the tools required to analyse and reduce excessive energy costs and consumption and at a price to suit your budget.

Boost Sustainability with Analytics
In addition to arming yourself with the capability to take control of your wasted energy consumption, digitalenergy professional also provides you with comprehensive user access control enabling those managers charged with energy management to delegate responsibilities to other departments such as building facilities managers to access only their information on demand.

Increasing stakeholder engagement leads to faster behavioural change and ultimately boosts sustainability within an organisation.

digitalenergy energy management software is the only system that incorporates the entire range of tasks within an energy estate, from monitoring and targeting, right through to compliance audits and evidence trails


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