Data centre power use is out of control, firms admit failure to measure energy efficiency
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Failure to monitor energy means over 40% have no efficiency objectives.

The impact of data centres on corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies is being hidden by the lack of clear energy efficiency definitions.

According to global IT and data centre consortium The Green Grid's "EMEA Research on Data Centre Energy and Resource Efficiency", 43% of companies do not define energy efficiency objectives, casting doubts over both how they are monitored and their CSR strategy contribution.

Nearly all (95%) of companies said they are measuring efficiency, yet, 55% still do not have configuration management in place.

This is despite 88% of IT leaders saying that design and operations of their data centres are an important part of CSR strategy and 97% saying that improvements to monitor the environmental impact of data centres are needed.

Roel Castelein, EMEA marketing chair at The Green Grid, said: "Whilst organisations are always looking to maximise their CSR, by not implementing clear definitions of what constitutes energy efficiency, many IT leaders are failing to tap into the contribution that data centres could provide to achieve these results.

"This lack of definition also makes it difficult for organisations to measure and monitor how the data centres could be improved over time to become greener."

Elsewhere, the research has found that virtualisation is the number one energy efficient strategy for most organisations (42%).

The Green Grid said that virtualisation has become a popular option for organisations recently, as "they continue to benefit from the lower number of physical servers - especially those running for prolonged periods of time, reducing the overall energy required to power and cool them".

The survey took into consideration the views of 150 IT decision makers at end-user organisations, including companies who run their own data centres as well as colocation data centre providers, from the UK (50), France (50), and Germany (50) on data centre resource efficiency.


source -Joao Lima CBR online

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