Effectively managing energy efficiency in the process industry
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The cost of energy consumption is a major concern for the ambitions of organisations in industrial and manufacturing operations.

The production of high quality products and services and the continuity in operations has made it difficult for energy efficiency measures to be embraced.

Industrial energy management is gaining traction as executives begin to understand the value of enhanced visibility and insight into energy efficiency performance and site-level energy management. Improving energy efficiency in an industrial environment provides many benefits including improved productivity, optimised processes and business sustainability.

At digitalenergy Ltd we have developed professional energy management software solutions to provide an holistic approach to energy efficiency within industrial facilities as well as across wider estates in order to achieve, cost savings, sustainability and adherence to compliance legislation while maintaining optimal operation for production processes.

One of the most important requirements for any manufacturer is for energy consumption information to be presented as a meaningful metric. It is often the case that large industrial operations generate significant amounts of data but lack the means to evaluate this data relative to its production.

Mitigating Cost and Environmental Impact of Production

This was situation facing the British baking company, Warburtons. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Warburtons embarked on a large scale expansion programme which resulted in the company becoming the second largest grocery brand in the UK. High on the agenda for Warburtons was how to mitigate its cost and environmental impact during their product expansion. In 2012 the company engaged digitalenergy Ltd in order to establish an internal energy management program for their bakeries.

The digitalenergy technical team worked with the IT department at Warburtons to integrate the digitalenergy energy management system with their own SAP system to enable production to be tracked in the same timeframe and boundary as energy. This enabled reporting to both management and operational staff with meaningful representation. Project Management at each bakery has been managed through digitalenergy to enable a transparent view of potential savings using accounting tools. Each bakery energy team implements projects with detailed monitoring in place to enable Measurement & Verification of the outcome. As with any manufacturing company the rising cost of energy is an identified risk. Through the implementation of the digitalenergy professional energy management solution, Warburtons have ensured that energy is a controllable cost and not a fixed overhead.

   (case study)        by Steve Scoffham (Head of Marketing)

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