ESOS: When is a Deadline Extension Not a Deadline Extension?
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Its wasn't too much of a surprise to be reading the Environment Agency ESOS newsletter (issue 6) and find the announcement of no change from the deadline of the 5 December for companies to demonstrate ESOS compliance, but a notification that there will be discretion exercised in the enforcement action until 29 January 2016.

The date is in relation to late submissions, not an extension but exercising the right not to take enforcement action.... there is a difference. There is a requirement to notify that compliance won't be met on time, and hence not an excuse to not do anything! Whilst its not great for the companies that have already complied or have been pushing hard for the last few weeks to meet the deadline, and certainly won't offer encouragement next time there is a deadline to do the same, it will be welcoming news to those companies that have been trying their hardest to comply but are starting to face concern about missing information or being able to engage the right level of Auditor.

It is a little more disappointing to see that organisations have until 30 June if following the ISO50001 compliance route under the announcement. Only disappointing in that I personally know of at least half a dozen companies that would have taken this route if they would have known that they would have an additional 6 months to complete.

I don't expect many will be that surprised by the news, my own personal hope is the there will be enforcement of organisations that don't notify the EA before the 5 December date or companies will keep thinking that compliance is optional! If you haven't appointed a lead auditor yet and need assistance with your ESOS compliance - get in touch.

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