Signing off on the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and a few experiences to date.
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Over the last few days I've been talking about ESOS and what it encompasses. The last step in compliance is sign off and notification. The Lead Assessor has a responsibility to ensure that the clients they are working with have all of the evidence in place to demonstrate compliance and that it meets the required standards for compliance. 

This doesn't remove any of the risk from the client however, it’s still very important that the evidence is reviewed and understood by the client, for when audited by the Environment Agency in the future it will be expected. Therefore when compiling the evidence pack, everything from company legal structure to energy profiling needs to be very transparent, easy to understand, accessible and with the ability to update. Making your ESOS evidence dossier a live document is a simple first step to a full Energy Management System. It probably won't be a surprise to know that at digitalenergy we do this online, ensuring that all of the organisations we are working with for ESOS have an accessible (version controlled) evidence dossier online.

We also carry out a transparent online audit during the process of compliance, tracking 29 steps of compliance demonstration, this enables all parties to know where we are, what’s complete (and evidenced) and what is left to do before the ever looming deadline.


With 84 days left to compliance, having a process that is transparent really does help! It has certainly served us well to date, I have acted as Lead Assessor for organisations large and small and I can say in all honesty there hasn't been an issue that hasn't been overcome with ease and common sense.

As far as Data goes, getting reliable data from metering suppliers is never plain sailing but remembering that estimations can be used is important. This is especially true where transport data is concerned - this is a common area for improvement across the board to date, but not a show stopper - ESOS allows estimation, just remember to document in your evidence pack how calculations are carried out.     

One issue that has been quite difficult is arranging site access, it is unfortunate, but ESOS has been seen as somewhat forced upon us, so not all sites are keen to have an assessor poking around ... until you have chance to explain the potential benefits of course. Getting the actual senior management sign off has been much easier than expected, maybe a cultural shift, set by the Carbon Reduction Commitment that has led to boards and management recognising that more of an involvement is needed and it’s not correct in this era to just dump everything on an Energy or Facilities Manager.

So that’s it, I'm done, this is the fifth and last post relating to ESOS... for now anyway. although I have some ideas about how the scheme can be improved in the future :0) 

If you would like to know more about ESOS and can't wait for the next post you can get in touch via LinkedIn or via our website or feel free to twitter @digitalenergyuk.

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