Time to get into the Nuts and Bolts of ESOS!
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So you’re in, you've appointed your Lead Assessor and you've got your compliance methodology sorted. In this post three of five we consider what you have to do next. As with a lot of things you can apply a plan-do-check-act approach to ESOS. 

Planning is straightforward, or at least it should be - it’s all about defining your legal boundary, identifying the assets within it and there after the energy consumption of those assets and the significance of specific energy sources. 

If you already have ESOS underway you may be using spreadsheets. If you have started ESOS or not, now is a great time to consider establishing a system to ensure continual monitoring of the assets and consumption.

At digitalenergy our professional software has been adopted by a number of ESOS participants to do just that. With digitalenergy professional, users benefit from a simple cloud based solutions that enables data from meters, solid/liquid fuel points or vehicles to be assembled in a single database to enable reporting and more importantly profiling. 

Data can be grouped by asset or by utility and profiled in a number of ways to assist in full ESOS compliance. 

 The capture of consumption data is important to identify significant energy consumption and determine what can be included in the 10% de-minims and what is required for a deeper dive for survey. 

The capture of relative information, such as floor area or production, will enable ranking to take place that can assist (or direct) in the selection of assets for survey sampling if relevant. 

With your consumption in place you can start to think about surveys with you Lead Assessor. Remember, your Lead Assessor doesn't have to carry out the surveys personally but does have to approve that they meet the requirements of the ESOS regulations. 

In the next post we will consider if ESOS can be turned into a benefit for you organisation though the implementation of surveys. 

If you would like to know more about ESOS and can't wait for the next post you can get in touch via Linkedin or via our website www.digitalenergy.org.uk or feel free to twitter @digitalenergyUK. 

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