In this second of five posts we follow on from the overview of exactly what ESOS is and where it comes from and what to consider next. I apologise to those that are probably sick to the back teeth of ESOS if you've read it all before... maybe something for you guys in the next post! You may even have submitted your declaration of compliance to the Environment Agency and have your feet up relaxing ready for phase two!!

Back to the start, your in - what next? 

Well, it’s important to consider your route to compliance, there are a few but I suspect that 80% of those captured in reality only have one option! Let’s consider the three that didn't make the grade... Or maybe have a better fit outside of ESOS? 

The Green Deal - yes the green deal is a route to demonstrating ESOS compliance - sorry DECC, nobody is interested! Time to move on. 

ISO50001 - I'm a big advocate of Energy Management Systems, I've written before about how organisations can really benefit from having a full EnMS (and there is a big knowledge gap in what that actually means!) which is why I'm pleased that it’s a route to compliance for ESOS. However, 4 months to go - if you don't have your certification by now or your certification body booked in to carry out your final audit... forget it!! ... But not for good, come back to this when your ESOS is complete. 

Display Energy Certificates - Again, a big fan of this less than perfect approach to Energy Benchmarking. DEC's may not be perfect but are engaging and provide a very simple way to give everyone an understanding (at a high level) of performance. I had to stop saying that "even my mum understands that a Green A is better than a Red G" as she got wind of it and wasn't keen on being referenced! 

DEC's for ESOS however, unless you already have them (which I know is the case for Universities for example), don't really offer a valuable solution to achieving compliance.  If you are going to commission a DEC and its accompanying Advisory Report (AR) its more worthwhile to consider a more specific survey for ESOS  - or mix and match, maybe commission and few DEC's first and see what you think.

So the final option and in reality the only option for most of us is to carry out specific audits on assets (buildings and transport) to identify opportunities for reduction. You may already have some (those carried out in the last five years can be submitted as evidence). Or as is the intent of ESOS, you might benefit from commissioning new ones. A specific audit, if carried out to best practice BS EN16427 would identify areas to reduce energy and yes, save money! Who wouldn't want to save money?  

If your struggling to identify your best option for compliance appoint your Lead Auditor first and they can help and advise.

If you've decided already appoint a Lead Assessor and then agree how it’s going to be implemented. 

On the assumption that you’re going down the survey route then contrary to the belief of some, your Lead Assessor doesn't have to carry out the surveys. Surveys can be carried out by internal staff, specialist consultancies or a mix of both - of course your selected Lead Assessor may be an expert in the field. My advice (as a Lead Assessor) is mix expertise to best match your overall compliance.

Your Lead Assessor might not have to carry out surveys but does need to audit them to make sure they are fit for the purpose of ESOS compliance. The most important role your Lead Assessor should take is one of project management and overall auditing - ensuring that you as the ESOS participant faces no risk from non-compliance - after all the Lead Assessor doesn't run the risk of fines, you do

Selecting you Lead Assessor is easy... just drop me an e-mail. :0) 

Being fair, there isn't a single register of ESOS Lead Assessors, but instead a number of accredited bodies that each have registers. Here are two for starters...

It might seem a lot to take in but that’s also part of the role of the Lead Assessor to guide you through the process. In the next post tomorrow we will move on to the nuts and bolts of ESOS.  

If you would like to know more about ESOS and can't wait for the next post you can get in touch via Linkedin or via our website or feel free to twitter @digitalenergyUK.