How did the Low Carbon Workplace realise their carbon reduction opportunities?
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The Low Carbon Workplace is a partnership between the Carbon Trust, fund manager Columbia Threadneedle Investments and property developer Stanhope. Through the Low Carbon Workplace Fund, the partnership acquires commercial office buildings and refurbishes them into modern, energy efficient workplaces

What were the goals for the Low Carbon Workplace?

The main requirement for LCW was the provision of a metering and monitoring system with an integrated carbon and occupancy monitoring solution.

 How was this achieved?

A proven way to drive energy efficiency improvements is to raise awareness of the opportunities.

The operational accuracy can then be achieved by collating metered information from individual assets, buildings and sites to populate the critical reporting and evidence requirements of legislation whilst providing opportunities for energy reduction.

Low Carbon Workplace engaged digitalenergy in 2012 to fulfil their requirements for an integrated carbon and occupancy monitoring solution.

 What was achieved through the implementation of the digitalenergy EnMS?

• Emissions of just 1.62 tCO² per person representing a 33% reduction in tCO² per person in year 2 of occupation compared to year 1
• A reduction in the annual carbon footprint by 1.4% despite an increase by 46% in the number of hours that the office is occupied
• 45% lower running costs when compared to similar buildings

What are the benefits for LCW from implementing the digitalenergy EnMS?

An extensive occupancy metering and monitoring approach through engagement with digitalenergy® has provided LCW with:

•Integration of occupancy data
•Specific reporting requirements
•Capture of data on building assets
•Project Management and Forecasting
•Audit trail and traceability
•Dashboard with integrated library

The approach taken by LCW is designed to encourage best practice in energy management and stakeholder engagement from building level, to management reporting at an enterprise level.

Read the full case study here

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