Cummins Turbo Technologies Tackles Energy Data Management Integration
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Cummins Turbo Technologies is at the cutting edge of engineering design, producing some of the most durable and innovative turbochargers that meet the global challenges of emissions reduction and fuel consumption.

Tackling the challenges of energy emissions and fuel consumption reductions is the task facing this environmentally focussed engineering design company.

Reporting of Annual Consumption

The key requirement was to provide an Energy Management System that could perform the task of data integration, bringing together information from various suppliers to provide accurate energy analysis.

A key driver was facilitating the reporting of annual consumption and costs for all energy types including electricity, gas, steam and fuel, thereby ensuring that energy is a controllable cost and not a fixed overhead was the essential driver to action.

As with any manufacturing company the rising cost of energy is an identified risk. The transfer of energy data within the digitalenergy® platform ensures that interpretation is simple and effective.

Configuring Meaningful Energy Data

Having energy management data information presented as a meaningful metric is one of the most important requirements for a manufacturing company like Cummins Turbo Technologies.

The approach undertaken by engaging digitalenergy® was to effectively configure informational energy data that impacts on energy performance, to enable continual monitoring, effective planning and clear stakeholder engagement.

Integration of Data Transfer

digitalenergy® was selected to operate alongside the installation of electrical metering and sub-metering to ensure integration of data transfer into the software.

Read the Cummins Turbo Technologies Case Study in full;

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