Comply With ESOS Through ISO50001
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In January 2014 The DECC's (Department of Energy and Climate Change) energy management system (EnMS) was certified to ISO50001 which was achieved by engaging professional and specialist support from digitalenergy®. Certification was achieved through Lucideon, the management systems certification and sustainability assurance provider.

The new international energy management standard, ISO50001 provides a framework and guidance to monitor, manage and potentially reduce energy consumption.

Stakeholder Engagement

DECC works to make sure that the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies and promotes international action to mitigate climate change. One of DECC’s four priority policy areas, as stated in its Business Plan, is saving energy. Having its EnMS certified to ISO50001 proves its dedication to this plan and enables it to lead by example; by measuring and monitoring its energy consumption it can find ways to use energy more efficiently as well potentially reduce costs across the organisation.

The Departmant of Energy and Climate Change

Richard Hipkiss, Commercial Director at digitalenergy Ltd, says:
“We are extremely pleased to be awarded such a prestigious contract by a client who is committed to making continuous improvements in their energy performance. It is encouraging to see a Government department adopt this relatively new management systems standard and we hope that it will prompt other organisations to do the same.”

Tim Watts, Operations Manager at Lucideon, says:
“The structured assessment provided will ensure that DECC’s EnMS is maintained and monitored, thereby improving the effectiveness of both their system and their processes, leading to energy and cost reduction.”

The Department of Energy and Climate Change

 Benefits to DECC

The benefits of committing to the rigorous requirements of an ISO50001 Energy Management System
are expected to provide a lasting legacy in the areas of:


• Identifying energy sources and usage to help limit future risk
• Managing energy and GHG emissions, enabling compliance with legislation.
• Providing commitment to improving energy efficiency
• Limiting organisational impact on the environment.

As the government’s lead office for protecting the UK’s energy resources the Department of Energy &
Climate Change has adopted the mission statement to “Power the Country and Protect the Planet.”



At digitalenergy we have specialised in compliance solutions for over 10 years, if you would be interested in exploring how our experience could provide your organisation the most cost effective route to compliance, please contact us to arrange a discussion using the form below;





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