How can Facilities Managers become energy proof against future legislation?
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Controlling energy usage is crucial for competitiveness.

By managing and tracking your energy usage digitally through integrated software you can increase the potential to not only make your organisation competitive, but give yourself the leading edge.

Rising energy costs are an identified risk for any organisation.  There is a serious need to increase their investment in strategic energy management and technology in order to ensure their competitive position.

Get to "Know Your Energy" for greater cost reductions?

Richard Hipkiss, Managing Director at digitalenergy believes energy efficiency will increasingly lie in software rather than hardware. Hipkiss says: “One of the most important requirements for any organisation is for consumption information to be presented as a meaningful metric. Quite often this means energy consumption relative to goods and service output.

We believe energy efficiency will be driven more by software and less by equipment and plant. Organisations need to be able investigate their data easily in order to drive consumption down and more often than not we find they have significant amounts of energy consumption data available but no structure.”

digitalenergy has worked with leading names in manufacturing, construction, leisure, healthcare and local authorities, all of which were experiencing increasing energy consumption in line with growing output and growth.

Mitigating the impact on both cost and the environment and helping to alleviate climate change were crucial drivers for these businesses in addressing their consumption against a backdrop of rising energy costs.

The digitalenergy technical team works closely with in-house IT departments to integrate the digitalenergy management system with their own systems to enable output of goods and services to be tracked in the same timeframe and boundary as energy.

This enabled reporting to both management and operational staff with meaningful representation.

Where clients have multiple locations, digitalenergy ensures detailed monitoring is in place to enable measurement and verification of the outcome, thus allowing best practice to be shared often across very different manufacturing sites.

Investment v Tangible results

So what tangible results can investment into technology-based energy management systems give manufacturers?

Hipkiss explains: “Our job is to help clients understand investment decisions with greater clarity and most importantly verify their performance.

“Structured energy data on demand, visibility and measurement of projects delivering annual cost reductions, increased stakeholder engagement throughout companies and the reduction of risk from carbon compliance (CCA) are all key benefits.”

“Our mission is to empower positive change through greater intelligence in all organisations through the application of energy management software. We believe that all organisations have the scope to be more sustainable in their operation, where ever they are in their life cycle.”

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