digitalenergy Provides the Monitoring Solution to Enable Carbon Trust to Award First Low Carbon Workplace Standard
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'Circle of inertia' to energy efficiency broken in commercial building sector'

The Carbon Trust have announced that the UK’s first low-carbon commercial building has been awarded the new Low Carbon Workplace Standard and opens the door for more commercial buildings to follow suit and cut emissions.

Investec Wealth and Investment Management (IWIN) passed the stretching requirements to achieve the Standard by making a 33% reduction in carbon emissions per person at its office, a 160-year-old former printing press in Guildford

The Low Carbon Workplace concept was developed by the Carbon Trust to break the ‘circle of inertia’ that has prevented many cost-effective CO² reduction opportunities in non-domestic buildings from being realised in the past. Carbon Trust research has found that a 35% reduction in CO² emissions by 2020 from non-domestic buildings can be achieved using cost-effective measures. These would yield a net benefit to the UK of at least £4bn

Motivation to Achieve Energy Savings is Rewarded

The Low Carbon Workplace breaks the inertia by delivering refurbished low carbon buildings and a motivated tenant empowered to ensure potential energy savings are realised. Funders, developers, landlords and occupiers collaborate to ensure that buildings are designed, built and operated to maximise energy savings. Energy efficiency performance is then monitored over a two-year period and successful performance is rewarded with the new Low Carbon Workplace Standard.

Bruno Gardner, Managing Director of Low Carbon Workplace Ltd said

“As part of the Low Carbon Workplace refurbishment of Investec’s office, it was key to specify a flexible and efficient lighting system. To optimise the control of the lighting, half-hourly occupancy data, collected as part of the (digitalenergy®) energy monitoring system, is compared to the energy consumption recorded by the lighting sub meters. Occupancy profiles are matched to the operation of the lighting control system and the identification of opportunities to further enhance energy efficiency.”

About the First Certification:

This first certification proves that sustainable low carbon refurbishments of commercial offices is not only possible but that the resultant performance can be maintained over a period of time.

What was Achieved Through the use of the digitalenergy® Energy Management System?

  • Emissions of just 1.62 tCO² per person representing a 33% reduction in tCO² per person in year 2 of occupation compared to year 1
  • A reduction in the annual carbon footprint by 1.4% despite an increase by 46% in the number of hours that the office is occupied
  • 45% lower running costs when compared to similar buildings



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