Flintshire County Council benefit from the holistic approach to energy management offered by digitalenergy
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Flintshire County Council

Flintshire County Council Commits to Reducing its Carbon Emissions..

Flintshire County Council is an extremely forward thinking local authority which has over the past few years overseen a number of large developments designed to reduce carbon emissions.
In order to achieve their objectives the council needed to increase the level of transparency around energy usage and encourage behavioural change across the organisation.

Having struggled with the functionality, usability and effectiveness of previously installed energy management systems the County Council selected digitalenergy® based on the key benefits the system provides.

What Were the Council’s Main System Requirements?

• Access to estate wide information from one central point.

• A user friendly platform that provided information to all types of user no matter how proficient or experienced they were in using energy management systems.

• Detailed reporting that is automatically generated to fulfil legislative obligations and a high level of customer service covering technical support and detailed consultancy advice.



How did the Council Benefit from a Holistic Approach to Energy Management?

By implementing the digitalenergy® system across its portfolio Flintshire County Council was able to ease the burden of its CRC commitment through organisational wide behavioural change.

The council are also able to manage internal production of its Display Energy Certificates and have continued to set the standards amongst Welsh local authorities to which they are second only to Wrexham in the national league tables.



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